日本长野县安昙野附近的燕岳山 Mount Tsubakuro near Azumino, Nagano, Japan (© Joshua Hawley/Getty Images)

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日本长野县安昙野附近的燕岳 Mount Tsubakuro near Azumino, Nagano, Japan (© Joshua Hawley/Getty Images)

如果可以的话,请拥抱一座山吧 Go hug a mountain, if you can

It's Mountain Day in Japan

It makes a mountain of sense for Japan to celebrate Mountain Day, which occurs each August 11. Created in 2014, it's one of Japan's newest holidays. Nearly three quarters of the country is made up of mountains, thanks to its location on the Pacific Ring of Fire volcanic zone. Japan's four major islands—Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku—all have ranges running through them.

The 9,065-foot Mt. Tsubakuro, which we feature in our home page image today, is a popular hiking destination, with well-maintained trails, rest areas, and lodges. Beautiful scenery abounds here on the island of Honshu, less than three hours' driving distance from Tokyo.

According to the legislation that established Mountain Day, the observance was launched to provide 'opportunities to get familiar with mountains and appreciate blessings from mountains.' One of those is snow-capped Mount Fuji, Japan's tallest mountain (12,389 feet) and one of the most pictured peaks in the world. Japan's rugged terrain is a boon for its tourist industry, providing opportunities for skiing, climbing, and resorts featuring the country's many hot springs.





约书亚树,加利福尼亚州约书亚树国家公园 Joshua trees in Joshua Tree National Park, California (© Tim Fitzharris/Minden Pictures)

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约书亚树加利福尼亚州国家公园 Joshua trees in Joshua Tree National Park, California (© Tim Fitzharris/Minden Pictures)

沙漠中的匕首? Desert daggers?

Joshua Tree National Park

These immensely photogenic and relatable trees, their shaggy, sinewy limbs thrust upward into the pale light of the desert sky, are the main reason people come here to California's Joshua Tree National Park. Joshua Tree was declared a national monument on August 10, 1936, before being designated a national park in 1994. Perhaps no other national park is so completely defined by a single feature, be it a plant or wildlife or natural formation. While Joshua Tree National Park contains other wonders, this tree that looks drawn by Dr. Seuss is what visitors come to celebrate.

The park (and the town of the same name) could also be called the hippest national park in the country, owing to its proximity to Los Angeles, and the Insta-worthy, charismatic flora that have helped make JT a darling on social media. Van lifers, artists, celebrities, and other creative bohemians have fueled a boom in tourism, not just to the park itself, but to the surrounding towns, like Pioneertown. The kitschy outpost served as an old Hollywood set and is now a center of nightlife in the area. Pappy & Harriet's Pioneertown Palace serves artisanal cocktails with its barbecue and features live music, sometimes from the likes of Paul McCartney, Robert Plant, and Patti Smith. And if you can't find an elderflower martini in Joshua Tree, then Palm Springs and Indio and Coachella are a short drive away, something Yellowstone and Yosemite can't claim.

But for those going purely for the nature—the hikers, rock climbers, campers, and stargazers—the 1,200-square-mile park is no less a marvel. Two deserts, the high-elevation Mojave and the low-elevation Colorado, merge here, each with its own ecosystem. The Joshua tree itself grows only on the Mojave side, at elevations between 1,300 and 5,900 feet. Most of the world's Joshua trees are found here. A variety of yucca, Joshua trees live to be 500 and 1,000 years old with roots as deep as 35 feet. Most believe their name was first concocted by Mormon pioneers who likened their branches to the oustretched arms of the biblical Joshua. It proved catchier than its botanical name, Yucca brevifolia. And as any influencer worth their followers will tell you, it makes for a much more memorable hashtag.



这个公园(和同名的小镇)也可以被称为美国最时髦的国家公园,因为它靠近洛杉矶,以及有魅力的植物群,使JT成为社交媒体上的宠儿。范利弗、艺术家、名人和其他富有创意的波西米亚人推动了旅游业的繁荣,不仅是公园本身,还有周边城镇,如先锋镇。这个俗气的前哨站曾经是好莱坞的老片场,现在是该地区的夜生活中心。Pappy&Harriet的先锋城宫殿提供手工鸡尾酒和烧烤,并配有现场音乐,有时来自保罗·麦卡特尼(Paul McCartney)、罗伯特·普兰特(Robert Plant)和帕蒂·史密斯(Patti Smith)。如果你在约书亚树上找不到接骨木马提尼酒,那幺棕榈、Indio和Coachella就在很短的车程之外,这是黄石公园和约塞米蒂不能宣称的。


阿根廷圣克鲁斯的洛斯马诺斯洞穴 Cueva de las Manos (Cave of the Hands) in Santa Cruz, Argentina (© Adwo/Alamy)

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阿根廷圣克鲁斯的洛斯马诺斯洞穴 Cueva de las Manos (Cave of the Hands) in Santa Cruz, Argentina (© Adwo/Alamy)

9000年前的手印 9,000-year-old handprints

International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples

What at first glance appears to be graffiti tagged on a rock wall is, in fact, artwork created by the first human settlers of this remote region deep in Argentine Patagonia. It's thought that the cave paintings were made between 13,000 and 9,500 years ago. The archaeological site is known in Spanish as the Cueva de las Manos (Cave of the Hands). It's the largest display of prehistoric handprints in the world, made all those years ago by people holding a hand against the rock wall and blowing pigments through tubes made of bone. Of the 829 black, white, red, and ochre prints, most are of young male hands. One print has six fingers, and only 31 are of right hands.

The cave paintings were created in at least three waves over thousands of years by ancestors of the Tehuelche people. Archaeologists have hypothesized that the artists were hunter-gatherers. This theory is supported by the fact that even older than the handprints are depictions of guanacos (a relative of the llama, and the main source of food at the time); rheas (large flightless birds); and hunting scenes.

Today, more than 370 million Indigenous people live in various regions of the world, like the Teheulche, who continue to live in Patagonia near the southern border between Argentina and Chile. To honor and protect the rights of the world's current Indigenous populations, the UN marks each August 7 as International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples. We'll raise our hands in support of that.


乍一看,岩壁上的涂鸦标记实际上是阿根廷巴塔哥尼亚这个偏远地区的第一批人类定居者创作的艺术品。据认为,这些穴壁画是在13000年至9500年前绘制的。该考古遗址西班牙语中被称为Cueva de las Manos(手洞)。这是世界上最大规模的史前手印展示会,多年前,人们用手抵着岩壁,用骨头制成的管子吹颜料。在829张黑、白、红和赭色的照片中,大多数是年轻男性的手。一个指纹有六个手指,只有31个是右手的。



圣埃尔姆附近的潘塔留岛鸟瞰图,西班牙马略卡岛 Aerial view of the island Pantaleu near Sant Elm, Mallorca, Spain (© Dimitri Weber/Azing航空公司)

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圣埃尔姆附近的潘塔留鸟瞰图,西班牙马略卡岛 Aerial view of the island Pantaleu near Sant Elm, Mallorca, Spain (© Dimitri Weber/Azing航空公司)

汪洋中的小岛 Little Island, Big Sea


There isn't much to the tiny island of El Pantaleu (or Es Pantaleu in Catalan), cast off the westernmost shore of Mallorca, itself a relatively small island only 30-40 miles across. Pantaleu and Mallorca are part of the archipelago of Balearic Islands in the Balearic Sea, off the east coast of Spain. Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca, and Formentera are the chain's four major islands and are famous as tourist destinations popular among those seeking the warm Mediterranean climate and inviting shoreline.

Pantaleu is more precisely an islet, a mere rock of about six acres in size. Its highest point is 80 feet. Not much grows on El Pantaleu, and no one lives on it. Mallorca is only about 1,000 feet away, making it a vigorous but doable swim for the many who have tried from the beach at the village of Sant Elm. Technically, no one is allowed to step foot onto Pantaleu, because it is designated a nature reserve along with the much larger Dragonera Island a few miles farther to the west.

Pantaleu is most useful as a wind break for boats, as you can see from this aerial photo. The notch between the islet and the main island is a popular anchorage for the many pleasure boats that cruise these waters. Even centuries ago, sailors understood the value of Pantaleu as an anchorage. In 1229, young James I the Conqueror, King of Aragon, and his fleet sought refuge from a storm behind Pantaleu before he embarked on his campaign to invade the Balearic Islands and start making good on his nickname. These days, most of the turf battles around here have been settled, although you might have to parry a vacationer for a spot on the sand or a table at happy hour.


位于马略卡岛最西岸的小岛El Pantaleu(或加泰罗尼亚的Es Pantaleau)没有什么特别之处,它本身是一个直径只有30-40英里的相对较小的岛屿。Pantaleu和Mallorca是西班牙东海岸巴利阿里海巴利阿里群岛的一部分。马洛卡岛、伊维萨岛、梅诺卡岛和福门特拉岛是该群岛的四个主要岛屿,是著名的旅游目的地,深受寻求温暖地中海气候和迷人海岸线的游客的欢迎。

潘塔留更准确地说是一个小岛,一块只有六英亩大小的岩石。它的最高点是80英尺。El Pantaleu岛上没有多少植物,也没有人靠它生活。马略卡岛离这里只有1000英尺远,对于许多在圣埃尔姆村海滩上尝试游泳的人来说,这是一次充满活力但可行的游泳。从技术上讲,任何人都不允许踏上潘塔留岛,因为它被指定为自然保护区,与西边几英里远的大得多的龙时代岛一起。


杭州西湖的古典中国园林 Classical Chinese Garden at west lake in Hangzhou in fall (© DANNY HU/Getty Images)

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杭州西湖的古典中国园林 Classical Chinese Garden at west lake in Hangzhou in fall (© DANNY HU/Getty Images)

膘了吗? Fleshing out in autumn

The beginning of autumn

The beginning of autumn is the 13th solar term in the twenty-four solar terms and the first solar term in autumn; in nature, everything begins to grow from lush and mature to bleak and mature. The beginning of autumn does not mean the end of the hot weather. The beginning of autumn is still in the hot period, the summer has not yet come out, and the weather is still very hot during the early autumn. The so-called "hot in the three volts", there is also the saying "one volt after the autumn", there will be at least "one volt" of extremely hot weather after the beginning of autumn.

From the perspective of meteorological changes, entering autumn means that rainfall and humidity are at a turning point in the year and tend to decline or decrease. With the change of seasons, the rainfall and dry humidity in the South have obvious changes; In northern China, the obvious change is the temperature.




旧金山湾的盐滩 Salt flats in San Francisco Bay (© Jeffrey Lewis/Tandem Stills + Motion)

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旧金山盐滩 Salt flats in San Francisco Bay (© Jeffrey Lewis/Tandem Stills + Motion)

一个咸咸的地点 A salty situation

San Francisco Bay salt flat

You might be wondering where the volcano is in today's photo, but that's not lava. These are salt evaporation ponds in San Francisco Bay. If you happen to be in the air and flying over this part of the country, you'll notice not just the bright orange but various greens and blues and even magenta pools that are part of the famous salt ponds. The vibrant colors are determined by brine shrimp, algae, and other microorganisms and their responses to different levels of salt. This orange results from about a mid-level saline concentration and the presence of tiny brine shrimp in the water. Green indicates low levels of salt, while pink or red are signs of high salt content in an algae-rich pond.

When Spanish explorers and missionaries arrived in the area in the late 18th century, members of the Indigenous Ohlone people were already extracting salt from the naturally occurring ponds. The California Gold Rush (1848–1855) brought waves of settlers to the region, and salt became one of San Francisco's largest industries. Roughly 80% of the wetland was eventually lost to salt mining, landfill, or other industrial alteration. But since 2003, many of these tidal flats have been acquired by federal and state agencies as well as private foundations to be restored to their original state. The restoration process will take decades, but even as the wetlands are being restored, about half a million tons of sea salt are harvested from the ponds every year.




夜晚的爱丁堡城市天际线,苏格兰 Edinburgh city skyline at night, Scotland (© Suranga Weeratuna/Alamy)

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夜晚爱丁堡城市天际线,苏格兰 Edinburgh city skyline at night, Scotland (© Suranga Weeratuna/Alamy)

节日热潮 Festival fever

Edinburgh festivals

Here's the world-famous Edinburgh Castle, lit up in all its glory as it keeps watch over Scotland's capital city. Today the castle hosts the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, a full-on Scottish experience, with bagpipes, drums, and seemingly enough kilts to cover all of Scotland. Enthusiastic visitors can also indulge in whisky and haggis in one of the many hostelries on the Royal Mile, the colorful, bustling historic street that wends its way from the castle down to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, Queen Elizabeth II's official residence in Scotland.

The Tattoo is a spectacular show of military music, dancing, and ceremony that runs alongside the Edinburgh International Festival, which starts today and goes through August 27, and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Aug. 5-29), its sprawling, less formal sidekick. The main festival—celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2022—is an invitation-only event that brings together top classical musicians and stage performers from around the globe. The Fringe is decidedly casual. It's the world's largest arts festival and features all types of music, street performers, amateur theater productions, stand-up comedy, and more, often in city streets, church halls, pubs...basically any available space. Think free-spirited and fun. One thing's certain: Edinburgh in August keeps everyone entertained.


这是举世闻名的爱丁堡城堡,它在守卫苏格兰首都的同时,灯火通明。今天,城堡里有皇家爱丁堡军事纹身,这是一次充满苏格兰风情的经历,风笛、鼓和方格呢短裙似乎足以覆盖整个苏格兰。热情的游客还可以在皇家大道(Royal Mile)上的众多招待所之一尽情享受威士忌和哈吉斯酒。皇家大道是一条色彩斑斓、熙熙攘攘的历史街区,从城堡一直延伸到伊丽莎白女王二世在苏格兰的官邸霍利罗德豪斯宫(Palace of Holyroodhouse)。


上海浦东森林心形洞穴鸟瞰图,中国 Aerial view of heart shaped cave in the forest, Pudong, Shanghai, China (© Yaorusheng/Getty Images)

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上海浦东森林心形洞穴鸟瞰图,中国 Aerial view of heart shaped cave in the forest, Pudong, Shanghai, China (© Yaorusheng/Getty Images)

最浪漫的中国传统节日 The most romantic traditional festival

QiXi Festival

Derived from the worship of stars, the Tanabata Festival is the birthday of the seventh sister in the traditional sense. The seventh sister (VEGA) is a weaver of clouds and the textile industry, and the patron saint of lovers, women, and children. The Tanabata Festival is not only a festival to worship the seventh sister, but also a festival of love. It is a comprehensive festival with women as the main body, with the folk legend of "Cowherd and Weaver Girl" as the carrier, with praying, begging, and love as the theme.

With the development of history, QiXi has been endowed with the beautiful love legend of "Cowherd and Weaver Girl". Because it is endowed with the connotation related to love, it has become a festival symbolizing love, which is considered to be a very romantic traditional festival in China and has produced the cultural meaning of "Chinese Valentine's Day" in contemporary times.




圆顶礁国家公园里的希克曼桥,美国犹他州 The Hickman Bridge at Capitol Reef National Park, Utah (© Tim Fitzharris/Minden Pictures)

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圆顶礁国家公园里的希克曼美国犹他州 The Hickman Bridge at Capitol Reef National Park, Utah (© Tim Fitzharris/Minden Pictures)

走上这条人迹常见的小径 Take the trail more traveled by

Happy Birthday Capitol Reef National Park

You won't find a lot of solitude on the Hickman Bridge Trail, a 1.7-mile route in Capitol Reef National Park that leads to this magnificent natural arch. The trail is used by hikers, runners, and nature lovers drawn by incredible rock formations, gullies, and remnants from the Fremont Culture Native American civilization from the early part of the 20th century. Hickman Bridge itself is one of the best-known geologic features of the park.

Capitol Reef National Park was first established as a national monument on this day in 1937, then became a national park in 1971. Capitol Reef is named for its massive rock domes that reminded nearby residents of that famous rotunda of the US Capitol Building back in Washington, DC. Why Capitol 'Reef,' though? Because the imposing formations were major obstacles to travelers through the region, the same way a coral reef is an obstacle to sailors.

The geology of the park is defined by the nearly 100-mile Waterpocket Fold, a wrinkle in the Earth's crust that formed around the end of the dinosaur era. Wind, rain, and time have eroded the Navajo Sandstone into colorful canyons, buttes, and natural arches like Hickman Bridge. The dramatic rock formations make Capitol Reef a favorite destination in the American West.





漏出“天窗”的熔岩管,夏威夷火山国家公园 Skylight into an active lava tube, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii (© Tom Schwabel/Tandem Stills + Motion)

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漏出“天窗”的熔岩管,夏威夷火山国家公园 Skylight into an active lava tube, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii (© Tom Schwabel/Tandem Stills + Motion)

世界上最活跃的火 The most active volcano in the world

Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park at 106

The orange glow of a lava tube like the one pictured here is a frequent site on Hawaii's Kilauea, the youngest volcano on one of the youngest islands on Earth. In near constant eruption for the last 40 years, Kilauea is widely considered the most active volcano in the world and is the main attraction at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, which was created on this day in 1916. The park, which was designated an International Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage Site, also includes another active volcano, Mauna Loa, the world's most massive shield volcano—Mauna Loa last erupted in 1984. Together, they are among the most studied volcanoes in the world.

The volcanoes of the Big Island of Hawaii offer a real-time glimpse into the ongoing creation of the entire Hawaiian island chain, a process that has been underway for tens of millions of years. Hawaii as we know it owes its existence to a volcanic hotspot on the seafloor. Magma seeps from this hotspot and turns into solid rock. Once enough magma is extruded, the rock breaks the surface of the sea and becomes an island. The island continues to grow until the Pacific tectonic plate moves the island off the hotspot. The hotspot remains stationary, constantly creating new islands. In fact, the next Hawaiian island, named Loihi, is about 20 miles from Hawaii and 3,000 feet below the surface of the ocean. In less than 100,000 years, it is expected to replace the Big Island as the youngest island in the chain, and it too will have its turn at hosting visitors who buy timeshare condos.

Hawaiian religion credits the creation of Hawaii to Pele, the goddess of fire and volcanoes. Possessing a fiery temper and a passionate nature, she is said to make her home in the Halema'uma'u caldera here on Kilauea. From her volcano home she controls the flow of lava and frequency of eruptions. According to modern legend, she sometimes wanders near the park as an old woman wearing a red muumuu, with a white dog, as a warning that a new eruption is soon to come.