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圣埃尔姆附近的潘塔留岛鸟瞰图,西班牙马略卡岛 Aerial view of the island Pantaleu near Sant Elm, Mallorca, Spain (© Dimitri Weber/Azing航空公司)

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圣埃尔姆附近的潘塔留鸟瞰图,西班牙马略卡岛 Aerial view of the island Pantaleu near Sant Elm, Mallorca, Spain (© Dimitri Weber/Azing航空公司)

汪洋中的小岛 Little Island, Big Sea


There isn't much to the tiny island of El Pantaleu (or Es Pantaleu in Catalan), cast off the westernmost shore of Mallorca, itself a relatively small island only 30-40 miles across. Pantaleu and Mallorca are part of the archipelago of Balearic Islands in the Balearic Sea, off the east coast of Spain. Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca, and Formentera are the chain's four major islands and are famous as tourist destinations popular among those seeking the warm Mediterranean climate and inviting shoreline.

Pantaleu is more precisely an islet, a mere rock of about six acres in size. Its highest point is 80 feet. Not much grows on El Pantaleu, and no one lives on it. Mallorca is only about 1,000 feet away, making it a vigorous but doable swim for the many who have tried from the beach at the village of Sant Elm. Technically, no one is allowed to step foot onto Pantaleu, because it is designated a nature reserve along with the much larger Dragonera Island a few miles farther to the west.

Pantaleu is most useful as a wind break for boats, as you can see from this aerial photo. The notch between the islet and the main island is a popular anchorage for the many pleasure boats that cruise these waters. Even centuries ago, sailors understood the value of Pantaleu as an anchorage. In 1229, young James I the Conqueror, King of Aragon, and his fleet sought refuge from a storm behind Pantaleu before he embarked on his campaign to invade the Balearic Islands and start making good on his nickname. These days, most of the turf battles around here have been settled, although you might have to parry a vacationer for a spot on the sand or a table at happy hour.


位于马略卡岛最西岸的小岛El Pantaleu(或加泰罗尼亚的Es Pantaleau)没有什么特别之处,它本身是一个直径只有30-40英里的相对较小的岛屿。Pantaleu和Mallorca是西班牙东海岸巴利阿里海巴利阿里群岛的一部分。马洛卡岛、伊维萨岛、梅诺卡岛和福门特拉岛是该群岛的四个主要岛屿,是著名的旅游目的地,深受寻求温暖地中海气候和迷人海岸线的游客的欢迎。

潘塔留更准确地说是一个小岛,一块只有六英亩大小的岩石。它的最高点是80英尺。El Pantaleu岛上没有多少植物,也没有人靠它生活。马略卡岛离这里只有1000英尺远,对于许多在圣埃尔姆村海滩上尝试游泳的人来说,这是一次充满活力但可行的游泳。从技术上讲,任何人都不允许踏上潘塔留岛,因为它被指定为自然保护区,与西边几英里远的大得多的龙时代岛一起。


基姆湖上的淑女岛,德国巴伐利亚州 Aerial view of Fraueninsel island in Chiemsee, Bavaria, Germany (© Malorny/Getty Images)

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基姆上的淑女德国巴伐利亚州 Aerial view of Fraueninsel island in Chiemsee, Bavaria, Germany (© Malorny/Getty Images)

“巴伐利亚海”中的岛屿 Island in the "Bavarian Sea"

Fraueninsel, Chiemsee, Bayern

Just 15.5 hectares in size, the Fraueninsel is still the second-largest island in the Chiemsee after the Herreninsel - admittedly, there are only three inland islands in total, and the tiny Krautinsel as the third in the group is also uninhabited. The car-free Fraueninsel, whose appearance is mainly characterized by the Benedictine monastery of Frauenchiemsee (also known as Frauenwörth), founded in 782, can be reached all year round with the passenger ships of the Chiemsee shipping company.

The only settlement on the Fraueninsel is called Frauenchiemsee. It consists of about 50 houses in which around 250 people live. The name of the place and the island are often used synonymously. Chiemsee, which covers almost 80 square kilometers, is Bavaria's largest lake and Germany's third-largest after Lake Constance and Müritz. In the absence of its own seashore, an affectionate nickname for Lake Chiemsee has emerged among the Bavarian population over time: it is very often referred to as the "Bavarian Sea".




布满奇石的青海岛,日本北长门海岸国定公园 Omijima Island in Kita-Nagato Kaigan Quasi-National Park, Japan (© Sean Pavone Photo/Adobe Stock)

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布满奇石的青海日本北长门海岸国定公园 Omijima Island in Kita-Nagato Kaigan Quasi-National Park, Japan (© Sean Pavone Photo/Adobe Stock)

海上阿尔卑斯山 Alps of the sea

Marine Day in Japan

The striking coastline of Omijima Island has earned it the nickname 'The Alps of the Sea.' Its sheer cliffs and dramatic angles certainly echo the skyscraping peaks in that European mountain range. But a visit to Omijimi Island will take you to the other side of the world, to Kita-Nagato Kaigan Quasi-National Park, in Yamaguchi, Japan. Year-round scuba diving adventures reveal a world under the waves just as beautiful as the one above the surface.



被翡翠湾环绕的芬尼特岛,太浩湖,加利福尼亚 Fannette Island surrounded by Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, California (© Rachid Dahnoun/Tandem Stills + Motion)

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被翡翠环绕的芬尼特,太浩加利福尼亚 Fannette Island surrounded by Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, California (© Rachid Dahnoun/Tandem Stills + Motion)

这座岛海拔超过一英里 This island is more than a mile high

Fannette Island, Lake Tahoe

Tucked into a tiny bay of a grand alpine lake is this granite bump called Fannette Island, the only island in Lake Tahoe. The massive lake lies in the Sierra Nevada at an altitude of 6,225 feet, straddling the state line between California to the west and Nevada to the east with near perfect symmetry. Fannette Island is in Emerald Bay, on the California side of Tahoe's southwest shore. A narrow inlet, seen here at the top center of this image, connects Emerald Bay to the rest of the lake, whose natural beauty draws visitors in all seasons of the year.

Lake Tahoe is known as a mecca for boaters and skiers. Its frigid alpine water is renowned for its clarity. Despite the cold winter temperatures that provide the surrounding ski resorts with ample snowpack, the lake never freezes. The largest alpine lake in North America, Tahoe rivals even the Great Lakes by volume because it is so deep.

Ice-Age glaciers, nature's master sculptors, carved out Emerald Bay eons ago, and for some reason left behind in its wake tiny Fannette Island. It has been known by a half dozen names over the last century, before Fannette finally stuck. A short hike to the top, 150 feet above the water, will take you to the ruins of an old stone building called the 'Tea House,' constructed in the 1920s by the former owner of the island as well as a nearby estate on Emerald Bay called Vikingsholm (the property is now owned by the state and is a popular feature of Emerald Bay State Park). The tea house was used for exactly that, intimate tea parties in surroundings that would be nearly impossible to duplicate in any other home. While tea is no longer served atop the island, the alpine vistas are still there for the taking.





鸟瞰视角下的布雷阿岛,法国阿摩尔滨海省 Aerial view of Bréhat island, Côtes-d'Armor, France (© LECLERCQ Olivier/hemis.fr/Alamy)

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鸟瞰视角下的布雷阿法国阿摩尔滨海省 Aerial view of Bréhat island, Côtes-d'Armor, France (© LECLERCQ Olivier/hemis.fr/Alamy)


Bréhat island

Brittany wins us over! Today head to the Bréhat archipelago, made up of the main island and 86 neighboring islets and reefs. On July 13, 1907, Bréhat became the first natural site classified in France! 3.5 kilometers long and 1.5 kilometers wide, the island is accessible by boat and can be visited on foot or by bicycle. You will discover here a multitude of coves, beaches, and shelters for lost sailors. If you are planning a trip to the island, then we suggest you go in spring or autumn: there are fewer people, the weather remains mild and nature is lush.

All year round, the archipelago benefits from the influence of the Gulf Stream, which provides it with a particularly mild microclimate in winter. Many varieties of flowers color the island: exotic plants such as agave or echium; flowers like the hydrangea, the mimosa, the mulberry, the eucalyptus, the aloe, or the camellia… But the flower that most symbolizes Bréhat is the agapanthus which blooms from April to September and colors the paths with its hue blue-purple.

Traveling through Bréhat, you discover a rich and varied heritage that traces the maritime and military history that marked the island. In the past, Bréhat provided the crown of France with numerous corsairs that caused terror to reign over the Atlantic. Thus, there are monuments such as the Pont ar Prad built by Vauban, It was built to connect the two islands forming Bréhat and a citadel which today houses the Verreries de Bréhat.





Nā pali海岸上的Bright Eye海蚀洞,夏威夷考艾岛 Bright Eye sea cave on the Nā Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii (© jimkruger/Getty Images)

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Nā pali海岸上的Bright Eye海蚀夏威夷考艾 Bright Eye sea cave on the Nā Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii (© jimkruger/Getty Images)

Just another day in paradise

It takes some effort to reach the stunning Nā Pali Coast on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Located on the northwest side and stretching about 16 miles, Nā Pali isn't accessible by car. You have to hike in, fly in by helicopter, or come at it from the sea by boat. In the summer, when the waves are calm, you can explore the rugged coast by kayak, but you'll need a solid supply of muscle power for the sometimes-grueling paddle. If you seek a gentler approach—and if COVID restrictions allow—book a boat trip to explore the interiors of the sea caves that dot the shore. Today, we're looking down on the Bright Eye sea cave, one of several open-ceiling caves that lost their ceilings to the pounding of the sea.


它需要一些努力,以达到惊人的Nā Pali夏威夷考艾岛的巴利海岸。位于西北侧,向北延伸约16英里Nā Pali岛不能开车去。你必须徒步旅行,乘直升飞机,或者乘从海上来。在夏季,当海浪平静的时候,你可以用皮划艇探索崎岖的海岸,但是你需要一个坚实的肌肉力量来支撑有时会很费力的划桨。如果你寻求一个更温和的方法,如果科维德限制允许预订一个船旅行,探索内部的海洋洞穴点缀海岸。今天,我们俯瞰着明亮的眼睛海洞,它是几个开放式洞穴中的一个,因为海水的冲击而失去了它们的天板。

加拿大亚伯达省贾斯珀国家公园马利尼湖的精神岛 Spirit Island in Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada (© Jeff Penner/EyeEm/Getty Images)

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Spirit Island in Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada (© Jeff Penner/EyeEm/Getty Images)

A photographer's paradise

If you are dreaming of an escape to paradise, look no further. Welcome to one of the most photographed sites in the majestic Canadian Rockies. Located in Jasper National Park in Alberta, the scenic Maligne Lake is 22 kilometres long, making it the largest natural lake out here. In the middle of this lake, sits the iconic Spirit Island which is only accessible via tour boats or private boats. The glacial, azure-blue waters, pine trees and snow-capped peaks frame Spirit Island, epitomizing the beauty of Jasper. In addition to admiring the natural beauty here, visitors can engage in activities such as hiking, fishing and kayaking during summer and skiing and snowshoeing in the winter.



鸟瞰博登湖上的迈瑙岛,德国 Aerial view of the island of Mainau on Lake Constance, Germany (© Amazing Aerial Agency/Offset by Shutterstock)

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鸟瞰博登上的迈瑙德国 Aerial view of the island of Mainau on Lake Constance, Germany (© Amazing Aerial Agency/Offset by Shutterstock)

Welcome to the "flower island"!

From this height it is not immediately apparent why this island is nicknamed the “flower island”. But even a bird's eye view already suggests that the island of Mainau in Lake Constance is a special kind of natural experience - in every season of the year. Millions of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths bloom there in spring, rhododendrons, azaleas and roses can be admired in summer, dahlias bloom in autumn and in the cold months the island is transformed into a magical winter garden.