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果阿邦的阿兰博尔海滩,印度 Arambol Beach in Goa, India (© Ben Pipe/Alamy)

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果阿邦的阿兰博尔海滩印度 Arambol Beach in Goa, India (© Ben Pipe/Alamy)

印度的里维埃拉 The Riviera of India

Arambol Beach, Goa, India

Known for its immense, densely populated cities, India also has a seemingly endless coastline. And no part of it is more languid and lovely than Arambol, in the small and special state of Goa on the southwestern coast. Arambol is a popular holiday town with the vibe of a sleepy fishing village—which it was once was. Now visitors from around the world drawn to its tropical climate, rainforest valleys, historic architecture, sandy beaches, blue waters, and swaying coconut palms bring a new energy to Arambol.

Goa is distinct from much of India as it was colonized by Portugal while Great Britain ruled the rest. The Portuguese Empire conquered Goa in the early 1500s and ruled it until 1961, when it was annexed by India. The influence of the Portuguese can be seen in Goa's Catholic churches and convents, as well as in the name of the state's largest city: Vasco da Gama, after the explorer who once governed Goa.

If history isn't your thing, Arambol is famous for a drum circle and flea market held on the beach a few hours before sunset. It's just as much a beach party as a market. Craftspeople sell handmade wares while musicians join impromptu performances. There's no better way to end your day in Goa, land of sand and spice and sun.



果阿不同于印度的大部分地区,因为它曾被葡萄牙殖民,而英国统治其余地区。15世纪初,葡萄牙帝国征服了果阿,并统治了它,直到1961年被印度吞并。葡萄牙人的影响可以在果阿的天主教教堂修道院中看到,也可以在该国最大城市瓦斯科·达伽马(Vasco da Gama)的名字中看到,瓦斯科·达·伽马是曾经统治果阿的探险家。


克里特岛上的海滩,希腊 Seitan Limania Beach in Crete, Greece (© Georgios Tsichlis/Alamy)

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克里特岛上的海滩希腊 Seitan Limania Beach in Crete, Greece (© Georgios Tsichlis/Alamy)

这个神奇的海滩值得一游 This magical beach is worth the hike

Seitan Limania beach, Crete

Crete is the largest and most populous of all the Greek islands, and also the farthest from the mainland (in fact, it's just about halfway to Turkey). This big little island is small enough to drive across in a few hours but full of wonders from mountain ranges to gorges to beautiful beaches. Take this jewel box of turquoise water near the port city of Chania for example. 'Set on the easternmost of three peninsulas that stick out like horns from the northwestern shoreline of Crete, Seitan Limania is one of the most photographed beaches on the island.

Seitan Limania is 'beautiful to behold from a distance but driving up close via the narrow switchback roads takes some nerve. And once you get to the parking lot, the rocky hike down is for only the most surefooted of beachgoers. On your way down, you'll likely meet some of the goats that populate the area. 'The narrow cove is flanked by steep rock walls that zig one way, then zag the other. When you reach the beach, you'll find yourself on one of the most unique spots on any coast—and a selfie here at Seitan Limania is hard to beat for bragging rights.



Seitan Limania“从远处看很美,但在狭窄的弯道上近距离开车需要一些勇气。”。一旦你到了停车场,只有最踏实的海滩游客才可以进行岩石徒步旅行。在你下的路上,你很可能会遇到一些山羊,它们栖息在这个地区狭窄的海两侧是陡峭的岩壁,这些岩壁一路弯曲,另一路弯曲。当你到达海滩时,你会发现自己是任何海岸上最独特的景点之一,在Seitan Limania的自拍是很难被吹嘘的。

威尼斯海滩滑板公园鸟瞰图,洛杉矶 Aerial view of the Venice Skatepark in Venice Beach, Los Angeles (© Ingus Kruklitis/Getty Images)

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威尼斯海滩滑板公园鸟瞰图,洛杉矶 Aerial view of the Venice Skatepark in Venice Beach, Los Angeles (© Ingus Kruklitis/Getty Images)

Sand, sun, and sk8ers

Walk the busy boardwalk of Venice Beach, in Los Angeles, and you'll see more sailing past than distant yachts—like an endless stream of skateboarders whizzing by within inches, always seeming to dodge you and your snow cone at the last second. Wanna bet they're headed to this world-famous skatepark right on the beach?

First poured in 2009 and serving locals, tourists, and pros alike ever since, Venice Skatepark's three bowls are usually brimming with skilled skaters—and visitors crowding the railings hoping to spy sick tricks. It's an appropriate setting for a top-notch skate spot: Bustling SoCal beaches like Venice were the birthplace of skateboarding, invented by bored surfers who wanted to cruise the land on days when waves were weak.




蒙舒瓦西海滩,毛里求斯 Mont Choisy Beach, Mauritius (© Robert Harding World Imagery/Offset by Shutterstock)

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蒙舒瓦西海滩毛里求斯 Mont Choisy Beach, Mauritius (© Robert Harding World Imagery/Offset by Shutterstock)

Whatever floats your boat

These turquoise waters are lapping the sands of Mont Choisy Beach in Mauritius, an island nation off the southeastern coast of Africa. It's a popular spot for locals and tourists to swim, enjoy the sun, or head out in one of these boats to catch some fish. The island has a unique cultural history. Most scholars believe it was known to Arab seafarers by the 10th century but it remained uninhabited until Portuguese sailors established a base on the island in the early 1500s. Mauritius was later colonized in succession by the Netherlands, France, and Great Britain before gaining independence in 1968. Over the years, Mauritius has evolved from a low-income economy based mostly on sugarcane (still one of its biggest exports), to a more diverse one that includes tourism, clothing production, and technology.



拉迪格岛德阿让海滩上的岩石,塞舌尔 Rocks on Anse Source d'Argent beach, La Digue Island, Seychelles (© Roland Gerth/eStock Photo)

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拉迪格德阿让海滩上的岩石塞舌尔 Rocks on Anse Source d'Argent beach, La Digue Island, Seychelles (© Roland Gerth/eStock Photo)

An island hopper's paradise

Welcome to the sunny and sultry Seychelles, a tropical island nation just south of the equator in the Indian Ocean, roughly 900 miles off the eastern coast of Africa. The gorgeous beach you see here is the Anse Source d'Argent on the island of La Digue, one of 115 islands that make up this tropical republic. Anse Source d'Argent has long been a favorite of photographers, who are drawn to its contoured, dark granite boulders, pristine white sand, and turquoise-colored water. Beachcombers and sun worshippers also flock to the Seychelles because of the islands' consistently great weather—daily high temperatures almost always stay within a comfortable range of between 75 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit all year round.

Most any day is a day worth celebrating in the Seychelles, but today is cause for double celebration: June 29 is Independence Day in the Seychelles, commemorating the nation's 1976 independence from centuries of colonial rule under the French and British. It also happens to be the UN's International Day of the Tropics, a day of special recognition for the Seychelles and other locales within the zone between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. That accounts for about 36% of Earth's land mass and close to 40% of its population. The intent of International Day of the Tropics is twofold: as a celebration of the extraordinary diversity of this zone while also highlighting the challenges facing the region, like poverty, climate change, deforestation, urbanization, and demographic shifts.




布莱顿-霍夫被雪覆盖的海滩小屋,英国 Beach huts covered in snow in Brighton and Hove, England (© Tim Jones/Alamy)

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布莱顿-霍夫被覆盖的海滩小屋,英国 Beach huts covered in snow in Brighton and Hove, England (© Tim Jones/Alamy)

Summer huts in winter

We're getting chilly just looking at these snow-covered beach huts in England—and that cyclist slogging through the white stuff. But in the summer, these huts in Brighton and Hove (neighboring towns that share a local government) are in major demand. You can't stay in them overnight, but they give you a place to change your clothes and stash your belongings, which makes a day at the beach less messy and generally more pleasant. The seaside resort area is also known for attractions like Brighton Palace Pier, which offers rides and fast food, and the i360 tower, which takes visitors 450 feet up for a 360-degree view across Brighton, the South Downs, and English Channel.



巨浪冲击着阿斯洛玛尔州立海滩的岩石,加利福尼亚州帕西菲克格罗夫 Huge waves crashing on rocks along Asilomar State Beach, Pacific Grove, California (© Sheila Haddad/Danita Delimont)

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巨浪冲击着阿斯洛玛尔州立海滩岩石加利福尼亚州帕西菲克格罗夫 Huge waves crashing on rocks along Asilomar State Beach, Pacific Grove, California (© Sheila Haddad/Danita Delimont)

Feel the spray in Monterey

Fantasizing about warm, sandy beaches with gently lapping waves? Well, we decided you could use a shake-up—so here we are in Monterey County, California, for a glimpse at the ocean's raw, unadulterated power. Asilomar State Beach's mile-long coastline trail offers views like this one of seas crashing on jagged shores. Below the frothy surface swim innumerable ocean organisms protected by the massive Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, the largest marine preserve in the contiguous United States. Behind us, a rich dune habitat supporting its own delicate flora and fauna can be explored via a boardwalk trail.

百慕大马利海滩鸟瞰图 Aerial view of Marley Beach, Bermuda (© Paul Zizka/plainpicture)

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百慕大马利海滩鸟瞰图 Aerial view of Marley Beach, Bermuda (© Paul Zizka/plainpicture)

It's Bermuda's big day

We're gazing down at Marley Beach on the southwest coast of Bermuda in honor of Bermuda Day, a public holiday celebrated near the end of May. The event was first established on this British island territory in 1902, to honor the late Queen Victoria's birthday, but it has evolved into a celebration of the culture. Since 2018, it's been observed on the last Friday of May. Locals celebrate the end of winter on this day with a swim or boat ride. Today's holiday also marks the date when islanders transition to a summer wardrobe at work. For the next several months, Bermuda shorts, which hit just above the knee, will be considered appropriate business attire for the island's most dapper gentlemen.