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圣三一教堂,英国埃文河畔斯特拉特福 Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-upon-Avon, England (© James Osmond/Getty Images)

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圣三一教堂英国埃文畔斯特拉特福 Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-upon-Avon, England (© James Osmond/Getty Images)

吟游诗人的安息之地 Resting place of the Bard

World Poetry Day

'How like a winter hath my absence been / From thee, the pleasure of the fleeting year! / What freezings have I felt, what dark days seen! / What old December's bareness everywhere!'

So begins William Shakespeare's chilly Sonnet 97. Today we celebrate World Poetry Day with a wintry look at the final resting spot of Shakespeare: Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon. Though he was better known for his plays, the Bard of Avon began his literary life as a poet, penning 154 sonnets in total. The first 126 are addressed to a 'fair youth,' the final 28 to a mistress known as the 'Dark Lady.'

UNESCO created World Poetry Day with the aim of 'supporting linguistic diversity through poetic expression and increasing the opportunity for endangered languages to be heard.' The day was long celebrated on October 15 to honor Roman poet laureate Virgil on his birthday, and many countries continue to mark the occasion on that day. There's never a bad day to indulge in the poetry of Dickinson, Neruda, Angelou, or whoever's writing stirs your heart.





兰洋夸特墓室,英国康沃尔郡 Lanyon Quoit burial chamber, Cornwall, England (© Guy Edwardes/Minden Pictures)

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兰洋夸特墓室,英国康沃尔郡 Lanyon Quoit burial chamber, Cornwall, England (© Guy Edwardes/Minden Pictures)

天空中的圆周率...... It's just pi in the sky...

Pi Day

Did Neolithic humans build this structure to celebrate Pi Day? Not likely. Pi Day is a relatively recent phenomenon—invented by a physicist in 1988 and designated by Congress a national holiday in 2009. But it's already almost certainly the most popular holiday celebrating a mathematical constant. While Pi Day is a young tradition, the number π (pi) itself has been a fascination since antiquity, when it was first calculated as the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.

You probably know that March 14 was chosen for Pi Day since the date expressed numerically (in month/date format) matches the number's first digits, 3.14. Aside from eating pie to celebrate, some people go to great lengths to memorize digits that go way beyond 3.141592…, which earns them bragging rights in some, um, circles. The world record is a staggering 70,000 digits after the decimal point—the remarkable feat was achieved by 21-year-old student Rajveer Meena in 2015.

Take a moment from your Pi Day revelry to appreciate the unintentional π symbol formed by this Neolithic burial chamber in Cornwall, England. As the morning sun warms Lanyon Quoit's ancient stones, it's impossible not to wonder who built it and how, since it predates metal tools and is older than Egypt's pyramids. Theories abound, of course, but could π have been involved?





安格尔西岛上的Tŵr Mawr 灯塔,英国威尔士 Tŵr Mawr lighthouse on Llanddwyn Island, Anglesey, Wales (© Joe Daniel Price/Getty Images)

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安格尔西岛上的Tŵr Mawr 灯塔英国威尔士 Tŵr Mawr lighthouse on Llanddwyn Island, Anglesey, Wales (© Joe Daniel Price/Getty Images)

Saint Dwynwen's Day

Love is in the air on Llanddwyn Island at the southern tip of Anglesey, a much bigger island just off the north-west coast of Wales. Each year on January 25, Cupid aims his arrow toward the people of Wales who celebrate St. Dwynwen's Day–the Welsh version of St. Valentine's Day. St. Dwynwen is Wales' patron saint of lovers, although she was rather unlucky in that department after falling head over heels for a man she wasn't allowed to marry. The 5th-century princess' heartache led her to dedicate her life to God and pray for true lovers to have better fortune than her own. In return, Dwynwen became a nun and set up a convent here on Llanddwyn.

Despite its name, Llanddwyn Island is cut off from Anglesey's mainland only during very high tides. Since the 19th century, it has been home to Tŵr Mawr lighthouse (meaning 'great tower' in Welsh). The design of the lighthouse, seen in our photo today, is inspired by the area's many windmills. Just out of frame, you will find the remains of the church Dwynwen founded, along with a well named after her. It became a place of pilgrimage following her death. Legend has it that the well is home to sacred fish that can predict whether couples' relationships will succeed.



尽管兰德温岛名为兰德温岛,但只有在涨潮时,它才与安格西岛的大陆隔绝。自19世纪以来,它一直是Tŵr Mawr灯塔(威尔士语中的“大塔”意思)的所在地。我们今天的照片中看到的灯塔的设计灵感来自该地区的许多风车。刚走出画面,你会发现德温温创建的教堂遗迹,以及一座以她的名字命名的教堂。她死后,这里成了朝圣之地。传说这口井是圣鱼的家园,可以预测夫妻关系是否会成功。

史诺多尼亚国家公园的Capel Curig,英国威尔士 Capel Curig in Snowdonia National Park, Wales, United Kingdom (© Sebastian Wasek/Sime/eStock Photo)

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史诺多尼亚国家公园的Capel Curig,英国威尔士 Capel Curig in Snowdonia National Park, Wales, United Kingdom (© Sebastian Wasek/Sime/eStock Photo)

A Welsh wonder turns 70

Here on the west coast of Great Britain, we're enjoying views of the windswept uplands and jagged peaks that surround the small village of Capel Curig in the heart of Snowdonia National Park. Renowned for its rugged and mountainous landscape, Snowdonia is the largest national park in Wales and home to over 26,000 people—and even more sheep—the wooly farm animals outnumber people three to one in Wales. About 60% of the park's population speak Welsh, one of Europe's oldest languages, and today they will be wishing this spectacular setting a 'pen-blwydd hapus' (happy birthday) as Snowdonia celebrates its 70th anniversary.

Established on October 18, 1951 as the first national park in Wales, Snowdonia boasts nine mountain ranges that cover just over half the park's 823 square miles. Its most popular peak is Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa in the local Welsh tongue), the tallest mountain in Wales and England, which you can see in the background of our photo. At 3,560 feet, Snowdon is one of 15 mountains within the park that top 3,000 feet, and they're clustered close enough together to make it possible to reach all 15 summits within 24 hours, a challenge known as the Welsh 3000s.



斯诺登尼亚于1951年10月18日建立,是威尔士的第一个国家公园,拥有九座山脉,占地823平方英里,略超过公园面积的一半。它最受欢迎的山峰是斯诺登(当地威尔士语中的Yr Wyddfa),这是威尔士和英格兰最高的山峰,你可以在我们的照片背景中看到。斯诺登海拔3560英尺,是公园内海拔3000英尺的15座山峰之一,它们聚集在一起,足以在24小时内到达所有15座山峰,这一挑战被称为威尔士3000山脉。

侏罗纪时期的鱼龙化石,英国多塞特 An ichthyosaur fossil of the Jurassic period, Dinosaurland Fossil Museum, Lyme Regis, Dorset, England (© Christopher Jones/Alamy)

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侏罗纪时期的鱼龙化石英国多塞特 An ichthyosaur fossil of the Jurassic period, Dinosaurland Fossil Museum, Lyme Regis, Dorset, England (© Christopher Jones/Alamy)

Celebrating a young girl's age-old discovery

When 12-year-old Mary Anning uncovered the complete skeleton of a fish-like creature near her home on England's southern coast in 1811, extinction was a shaky idea in science. Fossils were nothing new—everything dies and leaves remains, after all. But could an entire species really die off? Were more of these 17-foot sea monsters lurking in the depths of the English Channel?

The fact that ichthyosaurs like this went extinct 90 million years ago seems obvious today (which, by the way, is National Fossil Day). But though such definite answers were still only suspicions during Mary Anning's lifetime, she persisted with paleontology. Her prolific fossil finds fueled both public interest and scientific understanding, and she even discovered two more species in her 20s: the pterodactyl and the plesiosaur. Though she died young at 47, largely denied recognition as a woman in Victorian society, her influence endures like the fossils that fascinated her.


1811年,当12岁的玛丽·安宁(Mary Anning)在她位于英格兰南部海岸的家附近发现了一具鱼形生物的完整骨架时,灭绝在科学上是一个不可靠的想法。化石并不是什么新鲜事,毕竟,一切都会死去,叶也会留下。但整个物种真的会灭绝吗?这些17英尺高的海怪中有更多潜伏在英吉利海峡深处吗?