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拉布罗小镇,列蒂省,意大利 Village of Labro, Rieti Province, Italy (© Marco Ilari/Shutterstock)

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拉布罗小镇,列蒂省,意大利 Village of Labro, Rieti Province, Italy (© Marco Ilari/Shutterstock)

历史悠久的山顶村庄 History awaits atop the hill



Village of Labro, Italy

Join us for a journey to a tiny Italian village about 43 miles northeast of Rome. Founded sometime between the 9th and 10th centuries, the village of Labro, having been assigned to a powerful aristocratic family by Emperor Otto the Great, only covers a little over 4.4 square miles. Perched atop a wooded hill, the Nobili-Vitelleschi castle originally served to secure the border and control communication routes in the valley below. Labro is now almost purely a tourist destination, having been restored for the purpose shortly after WWII when the village almost evaporated due to mass depopulation.

多洛米蒂山谷中的科莱圣卢恰小镇,意大利 Colle Santa Lucia in the Dolomites, Italy (© mauritius images GmbH/Alamy)

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多洛米蒂山谷中的科莱圣卢恰小镇意大利 Colle Santa Lucia in the Dolomites, Italy (© mauritius images GmbH/Alamy)

明信片和雪花球的取景地 The envy of postcards and snow globes



Colle Santa Lucia, Dolomites, Italy

This tiny hamlet on the slopes of the Dolomite Mountains is so picturesque, we'd understand if you mistook it for a movie set. But Colle Santa Lucia is a real village in Italy with about 400 residents. Despite its location in Italy's northern reaches, the village is more culturally Austrian than Italian, and is only a stone's throw from the Austrian border state of Tyrol. And like its Austrian neighbors, Colle Santa Lucia is known for its peaks and ski resorts. It has more in common with wintry Innsbruck than sunny Venice, which is less than 100 miles away to the south.

鸟瞰埃尔塔霍峡谷, 西班牙龙达小镇 Aerial view of El Tajo gorge and the Puente Nuevo bridge in Ronda, Málaga, Spain (© Jude Newkirk/Amazing Aerial Agency)

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鸟瞰埃尔塔霍峡谷, 西班牙龙达小镇 Aerial view of El Tajo gorge and the Puente Nuevo bridge in Ronda, Málaga, Spain (© Jude Newkirk/Amazing Aerial Agency)

Spain El Tajo Gorge

Today we're visiting the mountaintop town of Ronda in the Málaga province of Andalusia, in the south of Spain. First settled by the Celts and later inhabited by the Romans and Moors, this dramatic cliffside setting is split in two by the El Tajo gorge, a rocky drop plummeting nearly 400 feet to the Guadalevín River. There are three bridges that span the gorge, the largest and newest of which features in the center of our homepage image and is—appropriately enough—called Puente Nuevo (New Bridge). Despite its name, the bridge is more than couple of centuries old—it was completed in 1793 and connects the Moorish old town, La Ciudad, with the new town, El Mercadillo.

The Puente Nuevo was completed by Spanish architect Jose Martín de Aldehuela, who also designed another of the historic town's famous landmarks—the open-air circular building you can see to the left of the bridge. The Plaza de Toros de Ronda is one of Spain's oldest bullrings. Built entirely of stone in the 1780s, it's considered the birthplace of modern bullfighting. It was frequented by two giants of American culture—Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles, who were inspired by Ronda's beauty and bullfighting traditions. They spent many summers in these parts, and Welles' ashes were scattered in the town at the country estate of his great bullfighting friend, Antonio Ordóñez.


今天,我们将参观西班牙南部安达卢西亚马拉加省的山顶小镇隆达。最初由凯尔特人定居,后来由罗马人和摩尔人居住,这一引人注目的悬崖边环境被El-Tajo峡谷一分为二,这是一个岩石瀑布,垂直下落近400英尺,直达瓜达莱文。有三座横跨峡谷,其中最大、最新的一座桥位于我们主页图像的中心,被恰当地称为Puente Nuevo(新桥)。尽管它的名字,这座桥已经有两个多世纪的历史了。它是在1793年建成的,连接着摩尔人的老城La Ciudad和新城El Mercadillo。

Puente Nuevo由西班牙建筑师Jose Martín de Aldehuela完成,他还设计了这座历史小镇的另一个著名地标——你可以在桥的左侧看到的露天圆形建筑。隆达广场是西班牙最古老的斗牛场之一。在1780年代完全用石头建成,它被认为是现代斗牛的发源地。两位美国文化巨人欧内斯特·海明威(Ernest Hemingway)和奥森·威尔斯(Orson Welles)经常顾这里,他们的灵感来自隆达的美丽和斗牛传统。他们在这些地方度过了许多夏天,威尔斯的骨灰散落在镇上他伟大的斗牛朋友安东尼奥·奥德涅斯的乡村庄园里。