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黄山的日出,中国 The Mt. Huangshan sunrise, Anhui, China (© zhouyousifang/Getty Images)

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黄山日出中国 The Mt. Huangshan sunrise, Anhui, China (© zhouyousifang/Getty Images)

今天我们去爬吧 Let ‘s climb the mountain today.

The Mt. Huangshan sunrise

Chongyang Festival is also called Double Ninth Festival. In Chinese, it is a day for people to eat Chongyang cake, drink chrysanthemum wine and climb mountains. Today we come to one of the most famous mountains in China.

Located in east China's Anhui Province, Mount Huangshan is renowned for its magnificent natural scenery including massive granitic boulders and ancient pine trees which are often further enhanced by cloud and mist effects. The property features numerous imposing peaks, many of which exceed an altitude of 1,000 meters, with the highest, the famous Lianhua Peak, reaching up to 1,864 meters.




Zaha Hadid Architects设计的港口大楼, 安特卫普, 比利时 Port House designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, Antwerp, Belgium (© Dmitry Rukhlenko/Alamy)

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Zaha Hadid Architects设计的港口大楼, 安特卫普, 比利时 Port House designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, Antwerp, Belgium (© Dmitry Rukhlenko/Alamy)

建立在过去之上的未来 A future built on the past


安特卫普口管理局大楼(又名港口大楼)是一座闪闪发的方尖碑,矗立在数百年前的建筑之上。这座引人注目的建筑是扎哈·哈迪德(Zaha Hadid)与她的团队在扎哈·海迪德建筑师事务所(Zaha-Hadid Architects)创造的愿景,该事务所在2009年赢得了围绕历史消防站修建新建筑的竞赛。工程于2016年竣工,同年这位著名建筑师去世。扩建计划类似于一艘帆船体,突出的船头闪烁着钻石,让人想起安特卫普长期以来的宝石贸易。


World Architecture Day

Antwerp's Port Authority Building (aka Port House) is a gleaming obelisk perched above a building from centuries past. This striking structure was the vision Zaha Hadid created with her team at Zaha Hadid Architects, which won a 2009 competition to build a new building around a historic firehouse. Work completed in 2016, the same year the famed architect died. The expansion is intended to resemble the hull of a sailing ship, with a protruding bow glimmering with diamonds, recalling Antwerp's longtime trade in precious stones.

Today we celebrate World Architecture Day and its 2022 theme of 'Architecture for wellbeing.' Architecture that preserves historic buildings by combining them with modern structures is becoming more prevalent as cities seek to retain the spirit of their earlier incarnations while creating new, modern spaces and never-before-seen constructions. Some famous examples of this style include the Brooklyn Museum in New York City, the Museum of Military History in Dresden, Germany, and another Hadid design, St. Antony's College in Oxford, England.

阿尔伯克基国际气球节上的气球, 阿尔伯克基市, 新墨西哥州 Balloons at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico (© gmeland/Shutterstock)

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阿尔伯克基国际气球节上的气球, 阿尔伯克基市, 新墨西哥州 Balloons at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico (© gmeland/Shutterstock)

最古老的飞行方式 The oldest way to fly

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

October means pumpkin fields, Halloween, leaf-peeping, and the World Series. But in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the beginning of October means a skyful of hot air balloons. The 50th Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is the largest gathering of balloonists in the world, with more than 500 hot air balloons going aloft this week. The now 9-day event got its start by launching 13 balloons from a shopping mall parking lot in 1972 to celebrate the birthday of a local radio station. It has easily become the biggest event of the year in Albuquerque, whose entire populace can view balloons in flight simply by stepping outside their homes and looking up.

The event is staged from the 365-acre Balloon Fiesta Park, on the northern outskirts of Albuquerque with the Sandia Mountains a few miles away. The Balloon Fiesta claims to be the most photographed event in the world, and it's easy to understand why. The highlight of the week is a mass ascension, in two waves, of all the balloons, decorated with every color and some shaped like animals or cartoon characters. In the age of jets and helicopters and rockets, this mass celebration of nearly silent flight reminds us that the magic of flying is not about speed, but simply reaching the sky.




山上的日出,河北蔚县 Mountain sunrise, yuxian, hebei, China (© zhao zhenhao/Getty Images)

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上的日出河北蔚县 Mountain sunrise, yuxian, hebei, China (© zhao zhenhao/Getty Images)

祖国生日快乐! Happy birthday to our motherland!

Mountain sunrise, yuxian, hebei

Yuxian is a national historical and cultural city, with 21 national key cultural relics under protection,35 Chinese traditional villages, two Chinese historical and cultural towns, two Chinese historical and cultural villages, one national 4A-level tourist attraction, and four national 3A-level tourist attractions.

In addition, the county is a hometown of folk art and paper-cutting, a center of research for the art of paper-cutting, and a leading folklore cultural tourism city, among other things.




在新湾潜水的南露脊鲸,阿根廷瓦尔德斯半岛 Southern right whale diving in the Golfo Nuevo near the Valdes Peninsula, Argentina (© Gabriel Rojo/Minden Pictures)

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在新潜水的南露脊阿根廷瓦尔德斯半岛 Southern right whale diving in the Golfo Nuevo near the Valdes Peninsula, Argentina (© Gabriel Rojo/Minden Pictures)

南冰洋里的巨鲸 Giants of the Southern Ocean

Southern right whale

The end of September in the Southern Hemisphere means warming weather and the nearing of summer. For southern right whales like this one off the coast of Argentina, this means a transit southward toward Antarctica and rich feeding grounds. Southern right whales are a subspecies of right whale that inhabit the oceans below the equator. They feed on krill at the surface of the water, holding their mouths open as they swim through clouds of the tiny crustaceans.

Right whales got their names because they were the 'right' whale to hunt, desirable to whalers because they were relatively slow and floated when they died. Right whales are easily identifiable by the thick white calluses on their heads. They tend to be social and curious creatures and have been known to have close encounters with humans. They spend winters in warmer waters closer to the equator. The whale featured today surfaced off the Valdes Peninsula, home to the largest breeding population in the world, and a fitting location for the Southern Whale Natural Monument, created in 1984. In these protected waters, thousands of whales will mate and give birth, staying until October or November, when they will begin their great migration south.




卡伯特镇的福斯特廊桥,美国佛蒙特州 Foster Covered Bridge in Cabot, Vermont (© Alan Majchrowicz/Getty Images)

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卡伯特镇的福斯特廊桥美国佛蒙特州 Foster Covered Bridge in Cabot, Vermont (© Alan Majchrowicz/Getty Images)

一场现代化的重建 A modern recreation

The A.M. Foster covered bridge in Cabot, Vermont

At one point in history, the United States had upwards of 14,000 wooden covered bridges. Most of them were built between 1825 and 1875 to cross a stream or river and were intended to withstand the elements. An uncovered wooden bridge may have a lifespan of only about 20 years while a covered bridge could stand for more than a 100. Even still, they don't fare well without upkeep and restoration costs can be high. Iron replaced wood as the preferred and cheaper bridge-building material in the mid-1800s. These days, fewer than 900 of the original wooden covered bridges are believed to still be standing. Vermont currently has 104 of them, the highest density of remaining covered bridges in the country. The Alonzo Merrill Foster covered bridge seen in today's photo can be found in Cabot, Vermont.

The A.M. Foster bridge, named after the inventor of a type of maple spout, is located on Spaulding Farm. Don't be deceived, the Foster bridge is actually a 1990s replica of a 'farm bridge' that was built in 1890 known as the Orton Bridge. Despite being a replica, the Foster bridge was authentically constructed by hand, in collaboration with Foster's great-grandson, with spruce lumber and salvaged granite. Spanning 45 feet across a man-made pond and literally bridging the gap between two farms, it took less than 6 weeks to complete. Unfortunately, it was found to be too narrow for modern farm equipment, a miscalculation that its constructors found amusing. Still, it works well as a photo opportunity and frequent venue for weddings.


在历史上的某个时期,美国有超过14000座木桥。这些建筑大多建于1825年至1875年之间,用于跨越溪流或河流,旨在抵御恶劣天气。一座无遮盖的木桥可能只有大约20年的寿命,而一座有遮盖的桥可以支撑100多年。即使如此,如果没有维护,它们也不会很好,修复成本可能很高。19世纪中叶,铁取代木材成为首选且更便宜的桥梁建筑材料。这些天来,据信只有不到900座原始的木制覆盖桥梁仍然屹立着。佛蒙特州目前有104座桥,是该国剩余有盖桥梁密度最高的一座。今天照片中的阿隆佐-梅里尔-福斯特(Alonzo Merrill Foster)桥位于佛蒙特州的卡伯特(Cabot)。