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圣胡安群岛,华盛顿州 San Juan Islands, Washington (© Stephen Matera/Tandem Stills + Motion)

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圣胡安群岛华盛顿州 San Juan Islands, Washington (© Stephen Matera/Tandem Stills + Motion)

Islands of the Salish Sea

The San Juan archipelago is made up of over 400 islands and rocks, some only visible during low tide, in the Salish Sea between Washington state and Vancouver Island, British Columbia. No bridges connect the San Juans to the mainland, but four of the largest islands—San Juan, Orcas, Lopez, and Shaw—are accessible via the Washington State Ferries. Tourists come to the islands to take in the stunning coastal views, catch a glimpse of resident orcas, and partake in many outdoor activities, such as sea kayaking, biking, and hiking. One popular destination is the San Juan Island National Historical Park, which was established on September 9, 1966, to commemorate the Pig War. That strangely named confrontation between the US and the UK was sparked, in part, by the killing of a pig in 1859. But it was really a dispute over ownership of the islands.


圣胡安群岛由400多个岛屿和岩石组成,其中一些只有在退潮时才能看到,位于华盛顿州和不列颠哥伦比亚省温哥华岛之间的萨利什海。圣胡安岛与大陆之间没有梁连接,但圣胡安岛、奥卡斯岛、洛佩兹岛和肖岛四个最大的岛屿可以通过华盛顿州的渡轮到达。游客来到这些岛屿是为了欣赏美丽的海岸,欣赏当地的虎,并参与许多户外活动,如海上皮划艇、骑自行车和徒步旅行。圣胡安岛国家历史公园(San Juan Island National Historical Park)是一个受欢迎的目的地,它建于1966年9月9日,是为了纪念猪战争。美英之间那场奇怪的对峙,部分是由1859年一头猪被杀引发的。但这确实是一场关于岛屿所有权的争端。

拉贾安帕特群岛中的瓦亚格岛,印度尼西亚 Wayag Island at Raja Ampat, Indonesia (© Amazing Aerial Agency/Offset by Shutterstock)

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拉贾安帕特群岛中的瓦亚格岛印度尼西亚 Wayag Island at Raja Ampat, Indonesia (© Amazing Aerial Agency/Offset by Shutterstock)

Paradise, found

If your dream is to experience a tropical paradise that's still largely untouched by people, you could do worse than a trip to Wayag Island, seen here. It's part of the Raja Ampat district in the province of West Papua, Indonesia. Most of the roughly 50,000 inhabitants of this district live on or around its four main islands, Batanta, Misool, Salawati and Waigeo. The remainder of Raja Ampat is made up of roughly 1,500 smaller islands, cays, and shoals–astonishingly, hundreds of these tiny islands have yet to be explored by humans.

Divers and snorkelers, especially, treasure Raja Ampat and its vast and diverse reef system, which is considered one of the most biodiverse places in the world. Located roughly seven miles above the equator, Raja Ampat covers nearly 10 million acres of land and sea, and is home to 540 types of corals, more than 1,000 types of coral reef fish, 700 types of mollusks, and a variety of warm-blooded marine animals like the dugong. The ecosystem, which is part of a larger tropical ocean area called the Coral Triangle, is so diverse it's sometimes referred to as the 'the Amazon of the seas.'



潜水员和潜水者,尤其是珍宝拉贾安帕特及其广阔多样的珊瑚礁系统,被认为是世界上生物多样性最丰富的地方之一。Raja Ampat位于赤道上方约7英里处,占地近1000万英亩,是540种珊瑚、1000多种珊瑚礁鱼类、700多种软体动物以及儒艮等多种温血海洋动物的家园。这个生态系统是一个被称为珊瑚三角洲的更大的热带海洋区域的一部分,其多样性使它有时被称为“海洋亚马逊”

斯瓦尔巴德全球种子库, 其闪闪发光的外墙由艺术家戴维·桑尼设计, 斯瓦尔巴特群岛, 挪威 Svalbard Global Seed Vault with a glittering facade designed by artist Dyveke Sanne, Svalbard, Norway (© Pal Hermansen/Minden Pictures)

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斯瓦尔巴德全球种子库, 其闪闪发的外墙由艺术家戴维·桑尼设计, 斯瓦尔巴特群岛, 挪威 Svalbard Global Seed Vault with a glittering facade designed by artist Dyveke Sanne, Svalbard, Norway (© Pal Hermansen/Minden Pictures)

Even nature needs a backup plan…

This glittering monolith of cold metal is a lot like that still-sealed emergency survival kit languishing in your basement since 1999: Reassuring to have around, but a bummer when you actually have to use it. The Svalbard Global Seed Vault—better known by its cute nickname, the 'Doomsday Vault'—was established on this far-northern Norwegian isle in 2008 to archive frozen genetic copies of seeds already housed in seed banks around the world: a backup of all the backups. Kept at -0.4 degrees F within the Seed Vault, precious botanicals from food to fibers to flowers are safe from disasters, even of the apocalyptic variety. Lucky us: It'll take a healthy diet of veggies to fight off the zombies.

But hey, doomsday can wait. Today is Seed Swap Day, an event encouraging horticulture buffs to propagate positivity by trading their favorite species and strains. So, no matter how green your thumb, try to get your hands on some new seeds today—let's plant a future where this Arctic chamber can stay good and sealed.


这颗闪闪发光的冰冷金属巨石很像自1999年以来一直在地下室里煎熬的那个密封的应急救生包:有人在身边让人放心,但当你真的不得不使用它的时候,它却让人扫兴。斯瓦尔巴特全球种子库(Svalbard Global Seed Vault)因其可爱的绰号“末日宝库”(The Doomday Vault)而闻名于世,该库于2008年在挪威这个遥远的北方屿上建立,目的是将已经存放在世界各地种子库中的种子的冷冻基因副本存档:所有备份的备份。保存在-0.4华氏度的种子库,珍贵的植物从食物到纤维到都是安全的,即使是世界末日的品种。幸运的我们:这将需要一个健康的素食饮食来击退僵尸。