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罗马尼亚克卢日-纳波卡国家剧院 National Theater, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (© Thomas Mueller/Shutterstock)

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罗马尼亚克卢日-纳波卡国家剧院 National Theater, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (© Thomas Mueller/Shutterstock)

欣赏建筑奇迹 Behold the architectural marvel



National Theater, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The Lucian Blaga National Theater, located in the Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca, is a cultural icon of the area. Performances there showcase classical and contemporary Hungarian dramas based on progressive and international trends. The opulent theater was built in the Neo-Baroque style, popular in the late 19th century, which calls back to the grandiosity, color, and detail of the Baroque movement that aims to dazzle anyone who enters the space. It is one of three national theaters in Romania, alongside National Theater Bucharest and Iași National Theater.

布拉索夫中央广场的圣诞市集,罗马尼亚 Christmas Market in Main Square of Braşov, Romania (© Alpineguide/Alamy)

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布拉索夫中央广场圣诞市集,罗马尼亚 Christmas Market in Main Square of Braşov, Romania (© Alpineguide/Alamy)

A Carpathian Christmas celebration

Nestled at the foot of Mount Tampa in the southern Carpathian Mountains of Romania, Brașov is a wonderful example of medieval Europe's intersecting cultures. Founded by Teutonic Knights, settled by Saxons and Hungarians, influenced by the Ottoman Empire, the Tartars, and the native Romanians, the city's Gothic architecture and unique cuisine reflect its rich history. The city's Christmas market is held throughout the month of December and is dominated by a 90-foot-tall, live Christmas tree. The market's numerous stalls feature food, drink, and local crafts.

The festival is known as 'Braşov—the city from the tales,' perhaps because legend has it that this square is where the children of Hamelin emerged after being led away by the Pied Piper. However you arrive, it's a magical place to drink a cup of cheer and toast to your Romanian hosts with a hearty 'Noroc!' But even if you're keeping it local this year, it's easy to be warmed even by the image of this golden glow from 'the city from the tales.'




堡垒山上的珀纳里城堡,法加拉斯山,罗马尼亚 Poenari Castle on Mount Cetatea, Făgăraș Mountains, Romania (© porojnicu/Getty Images)

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堡垒上的珀纳里城堡,法加拉斯山,罗马尼亚 Poenari Castle on Mount Cetatea, Făgăraș Mountains, Romania (© porojnicu/Getty Images)

A castle fit for a count

Peeking out above the trees in the Făgăraș Mountains of Romania is Poenari Castle, an ancient structure whose reputation is steeped in history and legend. In the 15th century this castle was occupied by the notoriously ruthless ruler Vlad III, aka Vlad the Impaler, aka Vlad Dracula. Vlad wasn't a vampire, but he was known for treating his enemies with particular cruelty. His bloody resistance to Ottoman encroachment would make him a national hero and the subject of much folklore, some of it gruesome. These tales are likely what inspired author Bram Stoker to name his fictional vampire Count Dracula.

Poenari Castle continued to be used following Vlad's death in 1476 but was abandoned decades later. It fell into ruin over the centuries, as earthquakes and landslides sent parts of the building down the cliff and into the Argeș River below. Visiting the ruins today requires determination and stamina—it's a 1,480-step climb to the citadel walls, unless you're able to take the form of a bat and fly to the top.

万圣节快乐!科尔温城堡,罗马尼亚 Corvin Castle, Romania (© Audio: Chris Haigh/Shutterstock | Video: DCPmedia/Shutterstock)

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万圣节快乐!科尔温城堡罗马尼亚 Corvin Castle, Romania (© Audio: Chris Haigh/Shutterstock | Video: DCPmedia/Shutterstock)

Protect your neck

Happy Halloween boos and ghouls! We hope our vampire wasn't too scary on this day designed for spooky delights. The fortress in our image is Corvin Castle in Romania—not far from Transylvania, a real historical region in Romania. In Bram Stoker's novel 'Dracula' the ghoulish count lives in a remote Transylvanian castle, cementing the place in popular imagination as the home of Count Dracula. Be careful out there tonight as you go haunting for treats, and keep reminding yourself: There's no such thing as vampires…

特兰西瓦尼亚的川斯发格拉山公路,罗马尼亚 The Transfăgărășan in Transylvania, Romania (© Calin Stan/Shutterstock)

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特兰西瓦尼亚的川斯发格拉公路罗马尼亚 The Transfăgărășan in Transylvania, Romania (© Calin Stan/Shutterstock)

Keep calm and drive on (slowly)

The Transfăgărășan in Romania is open for business. Also known as the DN7 highway, the road cuts through the Fagaras Mountains, offering stunning views of waterfalls, glacial lakes, and lush valleys—plus steep drop-offs and hairpin turns to amp up the drama. Back in 2009, Jeremy Clarkson, co-host of the British TV show 'Top Gear,' called this twisty route the 'best road in the world,' which helped turn it into a major tourist draw. The Transfăgărășan reaches elevations just shy of 6,700 feet and has more tunnels and viaducts in its 55 miles than any other road in this mountainous country. But proceed with caution. The speed limit is a sensible 25 mph. And watch out for herds of sheep that use it as a path to greener pastures, and don't mind blocking traffic as they amble there.